Day 300

Ah well, it has been sometime. A lot of time actually, maybe a year or so since I updated this last. It's been that amount of time since I last logged in or even wrote something of note.

Where has the time flown, I do wonder, I have thought about writing once or twice in the time Inbetween but today I figured I should actually do something and write. I mean I'm paying all this money for what exactly?? I haven't updated anything in so long.

A lot has happened, and I mean a lot. I've had surgery, I've moved out, I've progressed at my job but ultimately life has moved on but I feel like I'm still stuck in the same place.


Day 301 Oh look, I actually came back for another post lol Well let us continue this so called third chapter and actually last longer than the 10 days or so from last time.

Not much happened today, other than me going back into the office for the first time in awhile. Yeah we're back in but on a rota/hybrid thing this week I'm only in the one day then next week: no days. Thankfully – he said to himself. Nah it wasn't too bad going in had a good laugh and got to catch-up with my colleagues. Oh yeah I have team members now and a few of them lol some have even left also lol but yeah it was decent plus it really helps that my work commute is basically a fraction of what it used to be. Which honestly is so awesome.


Day 302 Less gooo!! Um honestly today was just occupied by work and then more work. Had no real time for myself or anything I wanted to do really, I don't really like days like this. The ones that run away from you, as naturally they're tough to keep track of but we just have to adapt and move forward I suppose. No point dwelling too much on it.

It's late and I've finally got a moment to myself, as I sit here, secluded from everyone and everything. Work was busy. Then home was busy. And now I've got a moment from the busy, a brief pause before I rest my soul and continue the busy.


Day 303 Quite a tiring Saturday to say the least. Woke up around 7am to travel like 2 hours, spending some time with a friend then was there the entireday. Only to get stuck with train delays which was long af. Got home like 20 mins ago and I'm just floored.

I did really enjoy my day. Ate, chilled, enjoyed talking and relaxing then home. I've really missed travelling and connecting with people which I really appreciated, and will do more of.


Day 304 Well, today was busy afff. I mean really tiring but overall a good day. I went to a wedding, it was busy as you can imagine an ethnic wedding to be, now I've never been to a wedding from another culture so I can't really say how they're like but let me tell you, the weddings we have are unorganised, unpredictable at times and always late lol. But you know damn well the food is also going to be 50/50.


Day 305 So work has been busy and fun. As always. Am I right. My schedule has been out of whack, late nights and late mornings. Need to sort it out, I really got in a good routine post holiday but it's gotten out of over a single day which is actually crazy but I need to sort it out before it gets worse. So I'll try to fix it tonight but we'll see if it actually happens.


Day 306 I know. I do. It's not a daily thing, it's becoming more so a – when I remember when to write – thing. I mean it's not a bad thing but I do want to become more consistent. Which doesn't really help when I can't remember when I actually wrote last , and I don't want to add time and date stamps to this blog. I rather it not read like that but an endless continuous story, an insight to an unstable mind. Fraught with boundless creativity. Lol. Yeah I know I’m full of shit but that’s where I am, sharing my inner most thoughts to seemingly no one that I know. Well I hope.


Day 307 Today was a busy ass day. It all began with a 9:30am meeting. That's right. 9:30. Thank God it wasn't 9!! You know. So it meant I had to rush my morning and shift things around as I scurried to get ready. I was on-time to the meeting, early in fact but that's neither here nor there because the meeting brought nothing but calamities upon me and the poor souls in the meeting. A fucking heavy workfilled Friday. Lord knows how unholy that is! All my Fridays have been relexed and easy but this one bad to have a fucking ridiculous workload attached to it.


Day 308 I really don't know why I call them days at this point, but I guess it is like how many days I've checked in to this blog and did a post. But it is a good way to keep track and have some sort of structure.

Swiftly moving on, I've been meaning to try writing some long form stuff, like I used to but since I've started again I have been using my phone because I really can't be bothered to sit at my desk to type out everything. Today, however, I am trying to use a laptop but honestly this keyboard is making it very difficult for me to sit and write something long form you know. Like honestly it is so painful to write shit on this that I am having the worst time lol