Day 305 So work has been busy and fun. As always. Am I right. My schedule has been out of whack, late nights and late mornings. Need to sort it out, I really got in a good routine post holiday but it's gotten out of over a single day which is actually crazy but I need to sort it out before it gets worse. So I'll try to fix it tonight but we'll see if it actually happens.

Other than that, the evenings have been decent I have been in full on chill mode which is nice for a change but I do want to become more productive and try to do more things during the day, I also need to keep up with my physio therapy so I'll need to keep it up.

It's always a struggle because I am a lazy bastard lol I really enjoy chilling so I do need to learn to balance my work with things I want to do and then have time in the evenings for myself. Such a pain.

But yeah that's about it. There is more but I'll get into it another time I suppose.