Day 304 Well, today was busy afff. I mean really tiring but overall a good day. I went to a wedding, it was busy as you can imagine an ethnic wedding to be, now I've never been to a wedding from another culture so I can't really say how they're like but let me tell you, the weddings we have are unorganised, unpredictable at times and always late lol. But you know damn well the food is also going to be 50/50.

So much like every other wedding it followed the same rhythms and patterns which was to be expected but nonetheless it was enjoyable and mildly infuriating at times. It very much over ran it's course and the rest is history.

I'm home late, like I have to be up for work in 6 hours late but I think I'll have a little lie in and condense my working hours tomorrow. Be effient, not wasteful my friend.

So yeah my day was consumed with all things wedding and now it has indeed come to an end.

Much like this post.

Until next time.