Day 308 I really don't know why I call them days at this point, but I guess it is like how many days I've checked in to this blog and did a post. But it is a good way to keep track and have some sort of structure.

Swiftly moving on, I've been meaning to try writing some long form stuff, like I used to but since I've started again I have been using my phone because I really can't be bothered to sit at my desk to type out everything. Today, however, I am trying to use a laptop but honestly this keyboard is making it very difficult for me to sit and write something long form you know. Like honestly it is so painful to write shit on this that I am having the worst time lol

Other than that, yesterday was a bit busy went to visit the ol family and got stuck with train delays, the bane of modern societies, ended up being over 2 hours late and the rest is well, history.

Today has been a lot more chill and relaxing and have been mostly lazing around in bed which has been lovely, especially when I got a 4 day office work week, and that's going to be a pain in the ass.

I also, have been meaning to make some updates and changes to this blog, and I have been so lazy to do anything, I know if I sort it out now, it'll get worse as this blog grows. I also want to hide away old posts and just have it as a link in an ebook format, but I'm not too sure how to do that, or where to get started even. But I'll look into it and go from there.

But now I shall continue enjoying my leisure time.