Day 307 Today was a busy ass day. It all began with a 9:30am meeting. That's right. 9:30. Thank God it wasn't 9!! You know. So it meant I had to rush my morning and shift things around as I scurried to get ready. I was on-time to the meeting, early in fact but that's neither here nor there because the meeting brought nothing but calamities upon me and the poor souls in the meeting. A fucking heavy workfilled Friday. Lord knows how unholy that is! All my Fridays have been relexed and easy but this one bad to have a fucking ridiculous workload attached to it.

Thankfully, after lunch and I'm pretty sure my Friday prayers were answered, when I got back from lunch the work simply became abandoned. The higher ups in their infinite wisdom decided the work they wanted us to complete in a day was in fact unachievable and grotesque for us to do and in fact we should get a third party company to do it properly.

So all that ends well...fuck I actually don't know the saying but let's pretend you and I know what the fuck I'm going on about.

Overall decent day, a bit tiresome but that's to be expected, since then I have been sitting on my ass, eating away and Netflixing it up. As you should on a lovely Friday evening.