Day 309 Sooo today was actually a really tiring day. It all started when I couldn't really fall asleep last night, maybe it was the excitement of going back into the office on a Monday morning! Or, not. Who can tell?! My legs were hurting and thus prevented me from falling asleep quickly – like I always do this to myself it's like a whole ass stupid routine, my legs hurt I do nothing about it for hours then I stretch and fall asleep – I did eventually like God knows when and before I knew it my alarm woke me up. You see those of you who have been around know I struggle with keeping up a good routine, it's easily one of my most talked, written? Topics since the days of old. But now I really feel like I've managed to get a good one going! It's really balanced and nice but the only issue is I have to wake up early which I can't do and sleep early which is always a struggle.


Day 310 Today was a long and arduous day to say the least. Exhausting, tiring and at this point you get it. Another day in the office, met with my account not working properly and not doing any work for a good hour and a bit. Especially annoying after I went early. Fml am I right. Then work itself was busy with a ton of visitors coming into the office, full of DEMANDS the bastards lol.


Day 311 I honestly am drained, I'm tired and I'm not really taking care of myself properly which is making myself feel worse. It's not a great situation but honestly I really can't be bothered. I don't even know where I got the energy and motivation to write this post this evening, that's how over I am about this day. So obviously this isn't going to be a long post.

“You stupid slut.”


Day 312 Say, isn't it wild. That we do so much but we rely on others to make ourselves feel better. As if all of our efforts and work are all just a means of seeking gratitude from someone else. Relying on that person to say good job, well done. Then we'll feel better about ourselves.


Day 313 I know. I do. I have been MIA for a bit, I have been busy these last couple of weeks as well as a tad bit lazy, but as you know it does happen. I have been a bit more disciplined in other things which has had somewhat of a positive affect (or is it effect) but I will come back to updating this again daily. Maybe tomorrow or shortly after that.

I have been busy with a potential new project in the works which is quite exciting, and I really hope it pans out. I have an interview with some investors and partners in approx. 10 days which is one of the reasons I've been busy. Plus work has been taking up a lot of my time as of late. More project work on that front which has been fun but also a pain in the ass, as I have less free time during the day.