Day 303 Quite a tiring Saturday to say the least. Woke up around 7am to travel like 2 hours, spending some time with a friend then was there the entireday. Only to get stuck with train delays which was long af. Got home like 20 mins ago and I'm just floored.

I did really enjoy my day. Ate, chilled, enjoyed talking and relaxing then home. I've really missed travelling and connecting with people which I really appreciated, and will do more of. Well, I'll try to anyway, I've become somewhat isolated from everyone in my life since moving away which has its pros and cons I have to say. I'm very warped up in my own life these days that I really should try to connect with others a little more.

Which really is what this weekend has been about I would say as tomorrow I'm going to see my family and then friends in the evening which should be eventful and fun – I hope.

For now I really need some beauty sleeeep.

Until then