Day 301 Oh look, I actually came back for another post lol Well let us continue this so called third chapter and actually last longer than the 10 days or so from last time.

Not much happened today, other than me going back into the office for the first time in awhile. Yeah we're back in but on a rota/hybrid thing this week I'm only in the one day then next week: no days. Thankfully – he said to himself. Nah it wasn't too bad going in had a good laugh and got to catch-up with my colleagues. Oh yeah I have team members now and a few of them lol some have even left also lol but yeah it was decent plus it really helps that my work commute is basically a fraction of what it used to be. Which honestly is so awesome.

Other than that not much has happened, ate and now relaxing. Have to say I'm bloody exhausted and need to start sleeping earlier, since I'm planning on getting up earlier too.

Mentally I'm still not structured as of yet, as you could tell reading this, just need to get into a routine which I'm slowly trying to do and we'll see after that. Having a holiday helped as well but now it's time to buckle down and start seeing things through til completion. Which includes writing these and then actually following things that I initially planned to do with this blog.

But other than that, going to rest up for the rest of the evening, switch off with some Netflix and try to catch an early night I suppose.

Until then.