Day 300

Ah well, it has been sometime. A lot of time actually, maybe a year or so since I updated this last. It's been that amount of time since I last logged in or even wrote something of note.

Where has the time flown, I do wonder, I have thought about writing once or twice in the time Inbetween but today I figured I should actually do something and write. I mean I'm paying all this money for what exactly?? I haven't updated anything in so long.

A lot has happened, and I mean a lot. I've had surgery, I've moved out, I've progressed at my job but ultimately life has moved on but I feel like I'm still stuck in the same place.

Everytime I look at my life I feel as if I'm in the same place but I know things have moved forward but I don't know. The same time I don't know if they have truly, that sense of everything is the same.

So I've ended up coming back here, to clear my head and empty my thoughts. It seems like a very familiar place to do that. I guess I also want to do this more consistently again.

I hope to be back tomorrow maybe try and continue what I wanted to do last time but we'll see how consistent I am.

Until then...