Day 302 Less gooo!! Um honestly today was just occupied by work and then more work. Had no real time for myself or anything I wanted to do really, I don't really like days like this. The ones that run away from you, as naturally they're tough to keep track of but we just have to adapt and move forward I suppose. No point dwelling too much on it.

It's late and I've finally got a moment to myself, as I sit here, secluded from everyone and everything. Work was busy. Then home was busy. And now I've got a moment from the busy, a brief pause before I rest my soul and continue the busy. I've got a packed weekend which I am looking forward to but at the same time am kind of dreading due to the fact that I won't have much time for myself. I haven't had much moments to myself over this past month but I think most of it was worth that trade off.

Seeing family and then attending a wedding, before I know it I'll have a week of work and worries about bills and all that fun adulting. Bonus is that I'm WFH all next week which is a God send (4 hour work days here I come). But I'm getting ahead of myself there. Need to find the nuggets of happiness this weekend then I'll pursue my week.

I hope to continue writing and updating.

Until then