Day 13 So, I made a mistake in my last post, I had Day 11 and subsequently used it twice. None of you, out of all of my one fan, failed to inform me lol and I didn't realise there was a 'Next' button located at the bottom of the screen (I just assumed it was continuous) so that's cool. Been at it for almost two weeks now. So yeah just wanted to clear that up. Which has gotten me thinking shall I rearrange the way the posts are organised, to have the latest at the top...I'll see.


Day 14 A lot happened, well you can say, not a lot happened today. Why is it your body wants extra sleep during work days, super annoying. Then my net wasn't working and that took ¾ hours for it to come back online. Luckily I got a good data plan for my phone, so all was not lost.

Then from there, the feeling of tiredness and tiredness really set me back a lot, it added to the lethargy but after taking a chair from the kitchen, refreshening myself up and then stretching I was all set to go. Also eating helped out a lot.


Day 15 Ahhh half a month later and I'm on a damn roll! I kid, I am struggling to put pen to paper I really don't know what to write. I've also modified my proccess of writing these daily posts to attempt to capture my day. I usually begin when I get to my desk and add bits and bobs throughout the day.

This morning not much has happened, woke up, shower and at my desk. I've been thinking of ways to ascertain financial independants; so a lot of my thought has been dedicated there. I also need to finish sorting and cleaning up my room at some point today so that'll be fun. I got some work tasks to do so I'll leave it here for now.


Day 16 Man, oh man. I keep waking up tired and my eyes are always hurting me. I have been going asleep a bit too late as of late but I get 8+ hours on a daily, maybe it's because I sleep too much. I'll try waking up early tomorrow morning and see what happens.

This morning and early afternoon have been a bit too busy for my liking, it doesn't help that I have this sense of urgency and nagging feeling that I'm running out of time, with larger than life issues hanging over my head but it's not the caase at all. I've got a few tasks from work to do and a couple of small personal stuff and one large task that I need to finish off by today. (I promised a friend I'll do some stuff for him today) Maybe its the need to finish that off that's throwing everything else out of balance and I can't work on it due to work stuff. But I'll do as much as I can now and go from there.


Day 17 Ah yes today started like no other, extreme stomach pains but I got a handle on that fairly quickly. It seems like my Friday's have their own routine now (basically I have a bath instead of a shower), I also didn't sleep as much as I usually do which I don't really know how I feel about, sure my eyes aren't hurting but I do feel a little more lazy and tired, to be honest I don't really feel as sharp as I usually do. I feel slow.

I got a fair amount of work done today, but I was extremely ineffiecient to say the least. But it got dealt with so that's always a nice feeling, knowing that I did some work. I also have taken it easy, I guess that's why I feel slow today, because I know that I don't really need to kick it to a higher, more productive gear. I can take it at my own pace and do it.


Day 17.5 Side-Post as mentioned in the last post. Feedback would be much obliged, you know where to find me. “About Page”

Teaser #1 The Lost Ones. Part 1 As she falls deeper in to the darkness that is her slumber Time seems to have holted As her soul wanders without a care Runs through the earth without fear As her mind chases, attempting to match its flair Upon the blaring trumpet, the body revolted The slumber was split asunder

Her eyes open, despretly clinging onto the darkeness in which they favour The ears register the frantic noise The body shuffles back and forth longing for that soulfilled experience A light shines from beneath her Her eyes register it, makes out the number 10, 30? It’s her phone. And she’s late. Lol


Day 18 I know this one is a little late, almost bordering on day 19, so just a little recap on my day: I mainly focused on cleaning my room, so I spent today cleaning out my old desk drawer and a bunch of paperwork/letters. So that ate up some time, so phase 1 of 3 was successfully completed. Next will be sorting cables and other gear and final will be the desk. That will be a long ass task in of itself but worth it once it's all done.

So today was alright overall, even woke up late which was nice, I got some sleep for once and then mainly took it easy other than the clean up.


Day 19 Today was more my pace, finally finished phase 2 of the room clean well almost finished. The room is a lot cleaner now thankfully and all my tech/toiletries and whatnot are stored away. Literally only a handful of things remain (mainly due to my own laziness) but it'll be done soon enough.

Next thing is phase 3 and I hope to get it done tomorrw, Tuesday latest. Then my desk setup should be done. After that over the course of the next couple of months (unfortunately I'm restricted by paychecks) and I finally will get my chair lol but I still need to decide on one to buy then I shall attain my final FORM!!

Other than that some family came to visit and that's about it. Not much of an eventful day but it was productive. Didn't go out today which is why this is on time aha but never know I may pop out but feels highly unlikely at this point. Maybe it'll do me some good to stay at home and take it easy.

Well that'll do me for today.


Day 20 Today, I had to get up super early as I had a 10 o'clock meeting and that has ruined my flow for the entire day. Granted I did sleep a bit too late for my liking, but I thought I had enough sleep though I have been proven wrong by my own body. I didn't even get to have my morning shower (I awoke really late), on top of that I've got an annoying tooth/side of my mouth pain which is extremely troublesome and I'm pretty sure it is inflammed. Now I also have a headache, literally located on my forehead (top right) so it's just getting better and better.

A brief note from last night, I didn't go out as I mentioned despite the option being there, so I stayed home, ordered some Maccies and enjoyed a night in. Watched some White Collar and called it a night.


Day 21 The start of this day has been a lot, lot better. Spent the first hour or so cleaning and washing up (hygiene is important kids) I usually have deep cleans every 2/3 days (you don't wanna know). Then I sat at my desk and begun doing some work. I've been dabbling into day trading crypto, just to get a feel of things, I'm going to start properly this week (wed to wed) and see how I get along. But honestly it's been pretty fun so far and I look forward to making something with it and then move into other things.

I guess there's no added pressure when the amount of money is fairly low but making gains when you're loosing money is always exciting, it forces you to be sharp and stay on top.