Day 7 Wow, its been a whole ass week already, a part of me is proud to have done this non-stop for an entire week. It doesn't sound like much I know but it is for me. Being this consistent over a task that isn't that important shows me that I have the capacity for it, that I pushed through when I wanted to quit.

It's apart of my new aims in life of attempting to build more of a productive life. To couple intention with action, I mean it took me awhile to even get to the point where I'm writing on a daily basis and I've had this idea since April/May. I'm getting close to the age where I can observe my last 10 years and have the probability of regretting my actions over some of them, this independing realisation of responsibility and accountability has entered the fray. I don't want to be in my 30s and look back on my 20s and think β€œMan I wish I did something other than work during that time.”

Sure, I have a lot of ambitions, much different from that of my parents as their aims and objectives would have been providing a safe and nurturing environment for their kids, it would be a waste to throw that all a way I understand, but due to the stability they afforded me; it's only natural to try and dream bigger, not only in terms of material wealth but societal and personal welfare (funnily enough I think I thought of my next essay idea).

But I digress, some ways I thought I'd improve my life was limiting the hours I use my phone, in the mornings I don't use for the first couple of hours of being awake and in the evenings I don't use it after 1AM if I'm even awake by then. Honestly I've found benefit especially in the mornings, I feel like I'm thinking more even if it's about what to write or general passing thoughts or in the case of this morning Gangam Style – I, I just don't know where that came from – and has anyone realised what a laborious task brushing your teeth is, I mean it's probably why mine have gone to shit. I really need to go to the dentist, it's been 9 years! But that being said I can't really say my sleep has improved my eye bags keep growing, although I am waking up earlier everyday.

Furthermore (yes, I used furthermore) I also removed any and all social media accounts, I found myself spending waaay too much time on them which just ate at my free time that being said I wasn't too heavily involved with it, so letting go wasn't too difficult. But it has given me 'extra' time to try and build a more balanced view on the world, as the issue with social media as awhole is that you only see your own views perpetuated round and round.

All this for an attempt to more of a balanced lifestyle but I'm not sure how sustainable it will be post COVID-19, as I'm in total control of when to do things, that will be much more difficult once I have an office that I'll need to travel to and fro. .

I've gone on for far too long, umm I may open an email address if anyone wishes to reach out, I'd love some feedback. So keep an eye on the blog for a pinned page or something. Who am I kidding as if anyone reads this :D until next time or later in the evening again