Day 6 As I awoke, I spent little time on my phone (sort of a new rule I have now) I rushed forth to my think chamber (yes, its my shower) and it offered me a lot of clarity on my motivations of writing. I started this endeavour almost a week ago now, and thought about doing it far longer. What really came to mind is about how nonchalant and blasé I've been about all of this, despite being something I wanted to do. I guess it quite sums me up as a person, putting very little into things I do in life. That paired with my other unfavourable characteristic and you wonder how I get anything done.

So I decided to take things a bit more seriously in terms of my writing, really understand why I'm doing it and put some more effort into it. So that means no more last minute posts because I forgot about it, taking my time to write something that I can look back upon and think “Yeah, noice.” It also forced me to think about writing essays, it's something I've longed to do but always put it off or given other things my priority (don't get me started on the fact that I spent many hours settings up a cardano node), to be fair to myself I have started writing 'essays' (one to be exact) but it was a rushed and shoddy attempt (if any of my many fan, wants a link, let me know) but I'll keep it up as a reminder of the first step.

So, its been a productive morning (seeing as I've only been awake an hour) I'll leave this open ended as I may or may not have further to add.

People lack manners, I witnessed an 'online discussion' and it seems like a pattern is emerging when two individuals are exchanging ideas the eager one always seem to be the over talker. I mean, how can you ask someone a “question” then end up droning on for a solid 10 minutes, not ask a question but a premise in order to push your narrative and not ask a question afterall not. Then not allow the one you're asking to answer. It is quite infuriating to witness that but alas, such is modern day 'intellectualism.'