Day 4 Today was a day like every other it seems, but with my mind plagued utter, hopeless boredom. Questioning my sanity at times as I found myself being disinterested by anything I come across trying to fill this void. S o f u c k i n g b o r e d. Kept running around the brain ultimately being unable to watch or interact with anything for more than a few minutes and resulting in huffing and puffing, flailing my arms around like child.

The day as whole went by like a blur unoriginally, nothing noteworthy other than spending a shit ton on dinner. Thinking to think about what I did, however falling short in actually remembering my day. Which is a problem. Wait I did reorganise my wardrobe which ate up around 3 hours which I suppose distracted me from the sinking depression I feel myself inevitably getting to.

It's a cycle, at some point my mind goes into a state of pure unhappiness, boredom then the depression, frustration and feeling of hopelessness sinks in. Everything becomes bland and life is black and white.

I don't know if I'm describing it well but anyhow. That's my day. Just magical.