Day 3 It all began last summer, when I heard a noise emitting from my wardrobe. A strange deep, heavy growling of sorts. I initially ignored it, blamed it something or another but I heard it again a few nights later. They seemingly were getting longer and louder as well as a tad more frequent.

I got up off of my bed. Summing up as much courage as I could...I walked closer to the wardrobe, in the dead of night pshycing myself up as I approached closer to the wardrobe. Usually a sort journey – a couple of steps or so – seemed to go on for ages. I hear a sudden creaking. I pause, I feel the life drain from my body and a cold sweat but I quickly regained composure after realising it was the floor board.

I proceed to the wardrobe, slowly opening the door. I hear it again...a feint growl, I want to back off and run away but I persist, It gets loader. “I don't want to do this anymore!!!” I scream in my mind, I feel a cold breeze; it catches me off guard. I look up and see fur.