Day 2 Sitting down to write was harder than I thought, I even attempted to try and delay the post itself. Procrastination. That's often a word I find associating with myself. This laziness that I tend to blame for my lack of not really doing anything.

Despite this blog being intended to blab on about what I do in a single day, its difficult not to begin to blab on about myself. Rather beffitting that I start my work with a short introduction about my least favoured charateristic, and thus my intention to begin this journey of attempting to defeat this demon.

Much like the heat of today, I found myself, isolated and battling with this ferocious demon. Forcing me into my little corner, covered with sweat and an inability to work. Much like most of this world I am stuck working from home. So argubaly the worst time to start writing about my daily activities but I suppose whoever is reading this (now i'm being kind) will be able to relate to this. I digress, the heat, rendered me useless. I attempted to push through this but with little to no success. I abandoned my post and rushed into my bedroom, to find solace with my bed. However, even that betrayed me, firery heat emitting from there with nothing but a hot breeze. I managed to get through it, shortly after being distracted by a phone call which I spent at length conversing.

Which saw the evening begin to arise, and the promise of dinner dangle before me. I scuried downstairs and ate – it wasn't bad – after which I sat in the garden, surrounded by a cool breeze listening to Noam Chomsky on the intercept.

This was the portion of my day that I decided to focus on, each day will offer a different insight – I use that loosly – into my dull life. This muddied over the place blog is, I suppose a reflection of the intention not fully grasping the idea but wanting to do something.

One can only hope it becomes further refined as time passes, as I begin oraganising my thoughts.