Day 18 I know this one is a little late, almost bordering on day 19, so just a little recap on my day: I mainly focused on cleaning my room, so I spent today cleaning out my old desk drawer and a bunch of paperwork/letters. So that ate up some time, so phase 1 of 3 was successfully completed. Next will be sorting cables and other gear and final will be the desk. That will be a long ass task in of itself but worth it once it's all done.

So today was alright overall, even woke up late which was nice, I got some sleep for once and then mainly took it easy other than the clean up.

After my day, I went to visit a couple of friends, had a decent catchup. I find myself going out more and more; that's 3 days in a row now. But I don't feel bad or at a loss because I don't feel as if they were wasted times, but rather useful and a much needed break.

Unfortunately it did mean I kinda didn't have time to submit this post on time so I guess its a double Sunday post.

But it's almost 3am and I need some sleep. Until later on.

Yes I know it's not my best but what can I do lol