Day 17.5 Side-Post as mentioned in the last post. Feedback would be much obliged, you know where to find me. “About Page”

Teaser #1 The Lost Ones. Part 1 As she falls deeper in to the darkness that is her slumber Time seems to have holted As her soul wanders without a care Runs through the earth without fear As her mind chases, attempting to match its flair Upon the blaring trumpet, the body revolted The slumber was split asunder

Her eyes open, despretly clinging onto the darkeness in which they favour The ears register the frantic noise The body shuffles back and forth longing for that soulfilled experience A light shines from beneath her Her eyes register it, makes out the number 10, 30? It’s her phone. And she’s late. Lol

Teaser #2 Beauty Her beauty captured him, Made him a prisoner within his own soul He sees no escape but with her Blinded by the colour and light

As she remains distant and far He dreams of a day when he can make it that far To where their souls meet, Outside the realms of dreams Where they meet at half past 12

He sits and waits Time ticks on, Waiting for no man He looks upon her face Noticing something that’s about to take place

Oh. Shit. It’s a dude. Fuck. It’s a catfish.