Day 17 Ah yes today started like no other, extreme stomach pains but I got a handle on that fairly quickly. It seems like my Friday's have their own routine now (basically I have a bath instead of a shower), I also didn't sleep as much as I usually do which I don't really know how I feel about, sure my eyes aren't hurting but I do feel a little more lazy and tired, to be honest I don't really feel as sharp as I usually do. I feel slow.

I got a fair amount of work done today, but I was extremely ineffiecient to say the least. But it got dealt with so that's always a nice feeling, knowing that I did some work. I also have taken it easy, I guess that's why I feel slow today, because I know that I don't really need to kick it to a higher, more productive gear. I can take it at my own pace and do it.

Last night, I got to catch some air and got out of the house for a little bit, it was good getting out it allows me to reset and refocus. It was very much needed after the intensly long day and realistically a long ass week. But I hope I can catch up on some much needed rest unlike last weekend where I got next to nothing.

I feel the left side of my neck is starting swell, Its most likely tooth related as that's the source of the pain but honestly I really can't be bothered dealing with it and hopefully it isn't anything too serious. Yikes am I right.

I have two choices as this juncture, go lay down for a bit or clean my room...decisions, decisions indeed.

I'm back, for the usual end of day write up, I ended up laying down and taking a 4 hour rest which included dinner also. But as I look back on my day, I find myself thinking its okay to be ambious and its okay to face the consequences when I fail. What I mean by this is; my approach in life has always been a somewhat level-headed one but today I found my being careful as a weakness, I need to be more decisive and sharper (which didn't help on a day like today), but I've taken something up (maybe in due time I shall reveal) that requires me to be a bit bolder, a bit more courages and be largly okay with failure. So I'm starting at the bottom, make achievable milestones and aim to meet them.

But yeah that's what I'm thinking about and also I am considering taking up writing further, so I'll be aiming to start (and hopefully complete) a book. It'll have short stories, poems and pictures. I want to use this platform to maybe get some feedback on whether or not its worth pursuing. So yeah hopefully it's something you all enjoy, so maybe tonight or tomorrow.