Day 16 Man, oh man. I keep waking up tired and my eyes are always hurting me. I have been going asleep a bit too late as of late but I get 8+ hours on a daily, maybe it's because I sleep too much. I'll try waking up early tomorrow morning and see what happens.

This morning and early afternoon have been a bit too busy for my liking, it doesn't help that I have this sense of urgency and nagging feeling that I'm running out of time, with larger than life issues hanging over my head but it's not the caase at all. I've got a few tasks from work to do and a couple of small personal stuff and one large task that I need to finish off by today. (I promised a friend I'll do some stuff for him today) Maybe its the need to finish that off that's throwing everything else out of balance and I can't work on it due to work stuff. But I'll do as much as I can now and go from there.

It doesn't help either that my body doesn't deal with stress entirely well and today is just not giving me a break. Like everything is coming at me all together right now over me. I need to write like I am running out of time lol. Enough lyrics. I shall go back to working.

Work is so tiresome finally managed to get what I wanted done, got one email to send. I'll probably schedule it for tomorrow morning, and I'm about halfway through with that task I'm doing for my friend. It's taking about as long as I expected it to be fair, I've done a fair amount so I'm not too worried. I've got a couple of hours until I need to send it.

I ate a lot today, so many crisp packets, big ass dinner and I am full for the first time in ages. I think being in lockdown has increased my stomach limits and I keep supplying the good stuff. Can't complain but I should consider cutting down on the snacks, super unhealthy. I'm gonna go ahead and attempt to finish it off with some Artic Monkey, which I also recently discovered.

OMG I finally finished that pain in the ass task, and it only took me 2 or so hours now which doesn't seem long but after a long day at work AND it was on my mind all day it adds up, anyhow I'm tired and need to lay down.

I doubt I'll add anything else today. So smell ya later.