Day 15 Ahhh half a month later and I'm on a damn roll! I kid, I am struggling to put pen to paper I really don't know what to write. I've also modified my proccess of writing these daily posts to attempt to capture my day. I usually begin when I get to my desk and add bits and bobs throughout the day.

This morning not much has happened, woke up, shower and at my desk. I've been thinking of ways to ascertain financial independants; so a lot of my thought has been dedicated there. I also need to finish sorting and cleaning up my room at some point today so that'll be fun. I got some work tasks to do so I'll leave it here for now.

So work has been super busy, which is kinda annoying because the day I want to do some cleaning I can't but what can you do, but push through and try to be productive as possible. I did two long task which took up about 4 hours of work. Got them done right when the bulk of my work finished up which is just perfect timing.

It's been quite a productive day so far, I've got a tasks that I wish to do today and do some cleaning which I am looking forward to, getting that clean desk feel.

I've also been thinking that I need to shift my day perspective regarding the posts, and have more of a consistent structure to my approach to timings of the day. Most often than not I post early so realistically when beginning maybe I should start off with the previous evening and then continue or, go morning, last night and then back again lol I don't know yet. Or I just leave it how it is. Just plain random thoughts.

I really want to knuckle down and try to write more long form things (essays, opinion pieces, whatever they're called) but I'm struggling to find that time and efficiency. I need to create a schedule of sorts, one thing I like about writing these first thing in the morning is, I don't need to worry about writing anything. It frees me up to do other tasks but with all things I need to write my mind down and it becomes clearer.

But that's enough of my ramblings. Until next time.