Day 14 A lot happened, well you can say, not a lot happened today. Why is it your body wants extra sleep during work days, super annoying. Then my net wasn't working and that took ¾ hours for it to come back online. Luckily I got a good data plan for my phone, so all was not lost.

Then from there, the feeling of tiredness and tiredness really set me back a lot, it added to the lethargy but after taking a chair from the kitchen, refreshening myself up and then stretching I was all set to go. Also eating helped out a lot.

I also realised how important my morning showers have become in jump starting my mind and how effective it is when starting things early, not feeling as if the day is lost knowing you want to be asleep at a certain time.

But after knuckling down and organising my thoughts I got a bulk of my tasks done, I created a daily to-do to help split up to help do so. Moving forward I'll be relying upon that. I've found with my new routine and the beginnings of new discipline I am most definitely less resistent to do tasks or work. It always used to be so; that whenever I had a new task or anything I wanted to do for myself, I would often push it away until the last moments of when I had to do it. This was prevelant all through out my school/univeristy life but I do feel slowly I am moving away from that and onto being a bit more proactive and hopefully it will become something that is the norm.

Tonight, hopefully I do get to sleep ontime and not waste time pushing off the alure of sleep, only to regret it when I hear the alarm clock ringing and I finally got a (makeshift) chair! albeit temporary.

P.S I may release some of my exisiting writings I've been working on, I'm still on the fence about it. But that's that.