Day 11 Today, my God, today was a tough day if I don't say so myself. Let's start from the top: 12AM, I went out for the first time in awhile met some friends, caught up with some old faces and started out as decent. As the night dragged on I wasn't too happy and to be honest I just wanted to go back home. Then as I was being dropped off home by a friend, I had a very enjoyable conversation with him which last just over an hour. Honestly it pretty much saved the night for me. At this point I get into bed and it's around half 3. I'm on my phone and see the Disney + app. “I want to watch Hamilton” I said to myself, so I did (I regret nothing) as I get to one of my favourite numbers, I look at the time and it's really late. Around 4:40 if I recall correctly, so I decide to call it. By the time I'm ready to sleep I feel a migrane coming over me and it's 5. I sleep. Only to wake up at 10AM.

So 5 hours of sleep and a migrane. I am absolutely shattered, already a bad start to act 2 I finish off watching Hamilton and then get up and do my usual routine. I barely thought, I was just going through the motions. I had a couple of conversations and honestly I was on the brink of breaking down, I was so tired, head beating itself and the added value of stress didn't help. But I picked myself up of off the floor cooked breakfast and got through it. I just pushed through the rest of my day, too tired to accept defeat and waiting for bedtime.

I finish up my day recounting my day and just being thankful in all honesty. Mental fortitude is key and I think, nay, i definitely know that I wouldn't have managed to get through my day if I didn't pick myself up when I did. Sometimes getting up and eating food is a huge step and dictates the rest of your day and mood.

Hopefully tonight I sleep a bunch and get back to my normal daily routine. This is literally the first time I've sat at my desk. I still need a bloody chair!

I'm so damn tired.