Day 10 The big 1 0, double digits, I'm pretty chuffed that I got this far. Yes, yes I know the patting on the back is getting a bit annoying I mean I'm only writing nonsense everyday; it isn't that hard. BUT it means something to me and that's all that matters ahah.

Well in all honesty today I feel pretty good, a contributing factor is the fact that my IKEA desk drawers finally came (AFTER 3 WEEKS!!) and I get to build them at some point today (I still need a good chair though) which has its merits provided it all goes smoothly. So for the first time since March I'm going to have a proper sitting desk, my body will thank me for this greatly no doubt. I'm hoping my productivity shall improve also and I can start doing the stuff I wanted to.

But yeah, like I was mentioning my mood is pretty good. I feel I can actually breath again thankfully. Yesterday I felt pretty bad and last night I was even worse, I was at – this is the only way I can really describe it as – my mental edge, truthfully I felt like I was going to breakdown but unbeknownst to me I'm back to normal (ish.) I say that very loosly.

I'll leave it here for now, I've got a meeting and unlike most days where I just do boring work, I can actually say how my desk build went.

(Literally as I typed that, the meeting got pushed back lol but I'm hungry so away I gooo)

Side note: I'm very curious as to how my mood spills on the page.

Update: Well after a long and pain staking day, my desk is finally done, the drawers took like 3 to 4 hours to complete and then my back was destroyed, so needed a lie down but naturally my bed is horrendous (as is my spelling and grammar) but it helped a little. Then after some rest and food, finished setting up my desk and PC and voila it is done. Need a chair. Hamilton is also out on Disney + today which is amazing and lockdown officially ends here. So much changes going on.

As I finish up my day, I shall be embarking to the outside this evening and when I'm back. Some Hamilton. So until tomorrw, stay frosty. Lol.